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StarblanketWell, two more weeks until I leave for Artfest...I know. I said I wasn't going to build it up so much...But I can't  help it!

I've been working more on my trades. I don't have anything finished yet...I do have the paper packs together, but I haven't finished the soldered charms. They are taped and ready for solder...I will show once they're done.

I did start working on this star afghan over the weekend. The stars are worked in strips and joined together as you crochet them. I enjoy this process. This could take a while, though...Each star seems like such an accomplishment! And it's two strands of yarn, one being the Red Heart and the other Aunt Lydia's Twinkles Crochet Thread.

Also been working on some journal pages...will show those later when done...

I hope to get stuff done this weekend! The door guy is coming back to finish up our back door in the kitchen (a single glass door with two side vent panels) and install our new front door and security door. When I get back from Artfest, hardwood laminate is going down in what will be my new office and my old office. That's right, I've taken action on getting moved in there! I've been slowly reorganizing it and pitching things I don't need. The Artfest Art Asylum will have a bunch of my craft stuff for Artfest goers to use!

BTW: I finally got Randi Feuerhelm-Watts' Wide Open from Amazon and all I can say is WOW! Totally cool, totally Randi...You need to check it out!



{Class offerings}

Hey, if you live in the Portland area or nearby, you may want to check out a class being taught by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts on April 6. I, myself, am anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new book, "Wide Open", which should be here via Amazon today! YAY! I've taken classes from Randi in the past, and I've got to say, she's an awesome teacher...She's inspiring, positive and so encouraging, so FUN!

Here's the info:



{Artfest prep}

Well, work has finally slowed enough that I can focus on some trades for Artfest...The excitement is starting to build, but I'm trying to keep it in check as it's gotten me in trouble in the past. One year, I was so excited about certain classes that I was a bit disappointed when they didn't live up to my expectations. Last year, I didn't have many expectations and I came away with a newfound love of crochet (that is, I actually finally got the hang of it while I was there) and I also had an epiphany of major sorts. So it was all REALLY good...And I took classes that I was somewhat nervous about because they took me out of my comfort zone. Classes in which I surprised myself...

If you're going to Artfest, leave me a comment and we'll look for each other! (Logo courtesy of Arfest founder Teesha Moore.)


{Moo Love}

Yes, I am a sheep. A sheep who has fallen in love with Moo cards. Many other Flickr users are doing the cards, and I just couldn't help myself. So, baaaa!

No, wait: MOOOOO!



{What ' s the Deal?}

Do you ever have those days where you just say to yourself: What is wrong with me? There are so many things you need to do to get your life in order...but you get a free day and you just let it slide by. That's me. I guess I'm decompressing. I've had A LOT on the plate lately and it's all starting to come to a close. Which is a little scary but also very exciting. Many projects are wrapping up right now for me and the season is starting to end. On to the next!

BUT, first I need to get off my duff and start. Start on getting things in order. My office/studio....GOD! I've been talking about moving into a new space for the last year! Where has it gotten me? A room that's just as messy as it was this time last year. I started looking around this morning and thinking, "I don't need that anymore, that book could go", etc. I'm in a pitching mood. I need to act on it.

It's time to act! Time to get all those projects done that I've been thinking about for so long...Today is as good a day as any!

What have you been waiting to do? Don't wait anymore! Get off your duff!