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The Shift

It all started with a painting:

I just wanted to spray and play on a canvas pinned to my wall. That’s all I wanted to do. I continued:

Maybe I should’ve stopped there. But I didn’t.

I should have quit while I was ahead...but I didn’t. The next day, I attempted something else:

But a couple days later, it just wasn’t feeling right. So I did this:


Bye, bye, bunny. But what now? I’m not sure, but it’s much more than about this one canvas. I’m feeling out of sorts. Today I didn’t feel so good so I just napped a good portion of the day. A weird headache and an odd feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty has been plaguing me. I don’t know what’s next in my art. I feel like I’m at a crossroads. I want to evolve, I want to push ahead, but I’m stumbling and fumbling. It may be that I’m also wrapping up my next doodle book. An end. A finish.

I feel stale and I don’t like it. But I definitely want to change my direction a little. So I’m going to be kind to myself. I’m going to give it some time. Maybe step back. Allow myself some time off and then some experimentation. I need this. I need to grow. Don’t we all?

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When I get to this stale, uneasy and unsure place I do an online workshop by another artist. This always sparks something new and something old and I am back on my artistic journey again. Jane Davenport posted about it this week also. Be brave my friend and you will find your muse is just playing hide and seek. xxxx

Hi Dawn,
I can relate to those blah stuck feelings artists get. You just finished a major feat - another book, and might just be in a natural slump and need a rest or change. Also, trying something new like painting (which you did beautifully!) puts you in a new, unfamiliar place, and that can be emotionally draining. Just take more breaks and give yourself lots of credit for work already well done. I just finished a great, helpful book called Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon. If you haven't read it, you may enjoy it. I sure did. Lots of down to earth advice and encouragement for artists - and anyone, actually.

Be gentle with yourself. Oh just re-read your post and you already decided to do just that! Maybe I should read more carefully. Enjoy a good break!

02.23 | Unregistered CommenterFran Rees

I hear you here. I've just bought your art doodle love book & have just started messing about in its pages. I need a focus as I hop from one thing to another constantly. I'm trying to bring everything together. Maybe you need to play with a different medium. Layer stitch over the top of images. Add some print. Maybe move yourself away from the control of holding the image maker in your hand & place it elsewhere for a moment then build upon that? Or just take a complete break, catch up with friends, food, the cinema, potter round the streets. Take a walk amongst nature & re root yourself? Put the painting that's annoying you away & meek it face the wall. In a week or 2 you will feel more open to it again.i do love your work. The colour, mark making & it's path are very inspiring. Don't be harsh on yourself. Your probably coming down after giving birth to a fabulous book x

I really dislike this feeling...the middle of the angst...but it is usually followed by forward movement and growth.

Dawn I have seen changes in your art already...something is bubbling up!


02.24 | Unregistered CommenterMary

I agree with all of what Niki said Dawn! Take a break, as sometimes we just can't see for looking. One of the hardest things I have to learn to do is to go with the flow...not easy lol for an impatient person! You have a great talent and I feel that at the moment you are burnt out. Be kind to yourself :-)!!

02.24 | Unregistered CommenterJanene

Take a class. Something completely different.

02.25 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

Thank you, all, for your kind, sweet, and caring words. I appreciate them and you!

Wise words indeed Dawn.. Good Luck! xx

A crossroads brought me to your book & blog.. for that I will always be grateful

Gez xx

03.24 | Unregistered CommenterGez

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