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I’m Teaching at Handmade U!

I am so excited to announce that I will be teaching at Handmade U in Omaha, Neb., April 4-6! I will be teaching alongside Camille Serra McClelland, who will teach her cool leather bracelet techniques.

I will teach a class called The Doodlicious Tapebound Journal. We will gather as many pretty tapes, masking tapes, and duct tapes as we can muster and use these tapes to bind a handmade journal out of scraps. Once you’ve become addicted to tape (seriously, you’ll want to tape all day long), we’ll turn our focus to filling those luscious, scrap-alicious pages with our doodling, collage, and journaling. We’re gonna have SO much FUN!!!

Make sure to sign up soon so you don’t miss out! It’s filling FAST!

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