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Who’s Inspiring Me Now...

There are certain artists who have always inspired me, and some that inspire at certain times more than others. I look to all kinds of art for inspiration and love looking at other art journal pages. Here is a list of who’s inspiring me RIGHT NOW:

Mary Ann Moss—When has she NOT inspired me? I love her quirky posts, especially the travel ones, and love that I feel like she is talking to ME in her posts, like she’s having a conversation with the reader.

Jenny Frith—Her sketchbook and planner pages are so wonderful!

Geninne Zlatkis—This girl leads an inspiring life, from her surroundings to her drawing table. Her use of watercolor is stunning.

Pam Garrison—I’ve always loved Pam’s style and especially love that she and Mary Ann Moss have become friends, often creating together and then sharing with us what they’ve done.

Orly Avineri—Her pages are mysterious and genuine. AND, she’s got that COOL book of her journal pages, which you need to grab if you haven’t yet. LOVE!

Tammy Garcia—I’ve watched this journal artist evolve so much over the last couple of years. She’s recently drawing per Danny Gregory and it’s paying off in spades! Her pages are better than ever!

Mae Chevrette—What I wouldn’t give to hang one of her originals on my wall! Love her collage and her use of quotes in her work.

Katie Licht—Her pages have always inspired me and I’ve recently started reading her blog. Great doodles and collage!

Mindy Lacefield—I met her at PLAY and feel so lucky that I did! Her artwork is so playful and childlike and speaks volumes...

Reader Comments (5)

wow, I'm super honored to be on this list with a whole group of people I truly admire. thanks Dawn!

dawn thank you for your really kind words. i am honored to be included on this list. fun for me to check out people too who haven't crossed my radar before.

09.6 | Unregistered Commentermary ann

Katie: I've admired your work for a long time! Thanks for your comments...

Mary Ann: No sweat! ;) Thank YOU!

Dawn, How sweet of you to include me!!! You inspire me a great deal, and so the feeling is mutual.

09.7 | Unregistered CommenterTammy

wow, I'm honored! To be shared & included with such awesome artists is a huge compliment ! Thank you, Dawn! Much love to you from Pennsylvania. xoxox

09.8 | Unregistered CommenterJenny

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