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Today I wanted to post a journal in honor of the London Olympics. In 2009, we traveled to London and Dublin, and I created a journal especially for the trip. I love London and making this journal was so fun!

Here are some shots of the interior prepped before the trip:












And the exterior:





Find the finished pages in My Journals!

Are you into the Olympics? I always have been, but this year I’m struggling. I think NBC’s coverage could be so much better. I loved coverage of Olympics past, where they would really spotlight the athletes, and not just the Americans. We got to learn a lot about the athletes, the host country and other aspects.

Of course, I’m drawn to this Olympics because of London. It’s my favorite city in the world. Of course, I haven’t been to many other European cities, but just love the diversity, history, and pretty much everything about London!

Reader Comments (3)

What a fabulous idea! Love the prepped pages, I hadn't thought of doing that for a trip before.

Hi Dawn! I too LOVE the Olympics! For a very short time every 4 years, there's actually something really cool to watch on TV pretty much 24/7! Do you have cable or dish? NBC is airing several hours of Olympic coverage on its affiliates CNBC, MSNBC, NBCSports, and Bravo; in our neck of the woods we're also receiving two extra NBC channels devoted to b-ball and soccer just for the duration of the Games. They're covering a lot of sports not normally seen, like kayaking, ping pong, badminton, team handball, and water polo on the other channels.

I love this journal...did I see part of it in an issue of ClothPaperScissors? Your series of articles on art journaling from 2010 were what got me started in it. Love your style!:-)

Oh, Dawn, I just love your journals, especially your London one. I own your DVD, and many times, I skip your instruction and jump right into your gallery chapter. I LOVE viewing your London journal (and others, too). I enjoy how you walk us through your journal, explaining your feelings and thoughts on every page.

I admire your work, and I am ever inspired by your artistry. Keep sharing! Keep posting! I visit your blog almost daily for a visual treat. Thank you for posting daily -- even if it's a short little note. I appreciate your loyalty to your blog.

You're the best, Dawn! I look forward to the day I can take a workshop with you and meet you in person.

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