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Where I’m At

Looking around me, I’ve been noticing changes. Not HUGE changes, just small things, things that aren’t oh-so-important in the grand scheme of things, things that I’ve been re-evaluating.

• I’m starting to lose interest in certain TV shows that I was once gaga over, become obsessed with others (The Newsroom in particular) and realized that there are certain shows I can just go without. I’ve always loved TV, but I’m beginning to get bored with it on many levels. Sick of the news, the political roundabout, the mudslinging. It gets a bit disgusting.

• I’ve been wrapping myself up in my studio lately, hanging things, getting supplies in order. It feels good. I finally feel like I’m making it more permanent. It’s a lot of work and when you’ve got deadlines, somewhat hard to accomplish, but now I’m finding a little down time to take advantage of.

• I’m trying to get back to my journals again. I’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus from them for the last couple of months and I miss them. Getting back to journaling just for me and it feels good.

• Learning to accept myself as I am. Not over-analyzing, trying to be more honest and not SO worried how it’s going to appear. Trying not to worry about what others think and just enjoy being with those who accept me for me.

• Thinking it’s time to shake things up on the blog again and redesign.

And all of this pondering made me think this would be a good 10-Minute Journaling!

Think about where YOU’RE at in your life. What can you account for right now? Are you seeing changes (no matter how minute) or feeling status-quo? Take note of certain aspects of you and your life, just little nuggets, nothing staggering. You can write, doodle, or collage this in list form anywhere in your journal and it doesn’t have to take up a whole page, just a corner, if you want. Enjoy!