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Time Out

I meant to do this 10-Minute Journaling last Friday, but didn’t get to it until today. I worked Friday and yesterday, but did take time out to see a movie. I’m wrapping up Art Doodle Love because it goes to the printer July 11. I think we’re getting closer to a final cover. I will show the cover here as soon as I get the green light from my editor. The interior has been edited and proofed, and I made those corrections to the text yesterday but still need to revise a couple of the backgrounds. Once I’m done with it, I move on to my next doodle book for girls and writing and shooting workshops.

Last week, a writer I greatly admired left this earth. Nora Ephron was, well, what can I say that hasn’t been said already? There are so many great articles and tributes to her out there. I watched a tribute to her on CBS This Morning, where (at the end) Charlie Rose read a list she wrote of what she’d miss. So I want to do that for this 10-Minute Journaling, as a tribute to her but also as a tribute to ourselves. I think it’s great to do this prompt in your journal once in a while. It reminds you of the little things.

She also wrote a list of what she wouldn’t miss. You can read both here, on the Huffington Post.

You can do both lists or just one in your journal. Here’s mine:

I think it goes without saying I’d miss my family and friends dearly. :)

Reader Comments (2)

Dawn, I have been inspired by your DVD from Cloth Paper Scissors and started my own visual journal. I've done some washes for backgrounds but was having trouble starting on the journaling side of it - so intimidating! But your 10 minute journaling with prompts and examples and encouragement is just the thing to help me push past that starting point!!! I'm happy to say I've done my first entry...just sat down with a cup of coffee and played for 10 minutes. Thanks for the great inspiration:-)

07.5 | Unregistered CommenterJeanne D

I loved Nora's writing so much - the style and the topics were things I could really connect with. I read everything I could find that she wrote. Most of all, I admire her passion for life.

07.8 | Unregistered Commenterteri

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