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Yes, I know this is all I’ve been blogging lately, but it’s what I’m focusing on right now. The Urban Notebook is my next online class, with indefinite blog access and all materials up by the end of the first week. We’ll be working two canvas panels and making a book out of them and cardboard boxes. It’s gonna be great! Sign up now for a $40 registration fee. YES, I’m still selling it at the early-bird sale...Sign up now because it may go up any day now!

In other news, my next book, Art Doodle Love: A Journal of Self-Discovery is up for pre-order on Amazon! Wheee!!!! The cover isn’t up there yet, but it should be soon!

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OMIGOSH! I LOVE THE COLORS OF THE URBAN JOURNAL! What are they????? I need them! I can't wait for this class to start :) Congratulations on your book. Heading over to reserve my copy!!! Yay!

10.16 | Unregistered CommenterMichele

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