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Squam Fall 2014

Sept. 10-14



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Pikaland’s Good to Know: Issue 11


Faces So Far

I've been scribbling faces in a 4 x 4 in. sketchbook lately. The ones that have been inspired by Tina Berning's 100 Girls on Cheap Paper are my faves:


Recent Paintings

Still in book mode, but painting, too:

“Your Rose is in Bloom”, 12 x 12

“Rose Path”, 20 x 16

“Roses Aren’t Just Red”, 20 x 16

“The Path to Faith”, 12 x 12


Book Mode

So for the next month I will be pretty much in book mode, which means I won’t be updating the blog. Not that I’ve been updating it enough anyway. I also won’t be replying to emails I get from the blog for the next month. I’ve gotten almost all of the materials I need to make the book complete. I have also been creating as many paintings as possible...



OK, I am so excited about this because I get to give away TWO free month's subscriptions to Creativebug! They sent me two codes, so I get to pick two winners!!!!

I went to the Random Number Generator and it first picked #14:

Congrats, Kelley F.! I will be emailing you the code shortly.

I went to the RNG again and it picked....#1!!!

Yay, Anja! I will send you the code via email as well!

Thank you to all who entered. I think the Lisa Congdon class on Creativebug is going to be awesome. And there are so many others you can take with the subscription.


Cool Class and Giveaway

I just wanted to put word out there about Lisa Congdon’s upcoming class on Creativebug. I’ve long admired Lisa’s talent and this class is a great one for those looking for an online workshop of doodling and line drawing. And I KNOW with Creativebug’s awesome video production, the class will be stellar!

Here’s a little promo vid for the class:

AND, to sweeten the pot, I will be giving away a free subscription for a month of Creativebug! All you have to do is leave a comment here as to why you want to take the class and you’ll be entered for the giveaway! I will pick a winner Tuesday, March 4, the first day of Lisa’s class!